Brake Sensor Installation

Magnetic Brake Sensor Installation

How To Install Your Magnetic Brake Sensors 


1 to 4 wiring harnesses with full / half-twist / thumb throttle 

A pair of magnetic brake sensors with a magnet


(Please note that these images are for reference only. Installation should be done on the bike. )

Step 1 – Connect the wiring harness to the brake sensors 

There are arrows for connection alignment on both the wiring harness and brake sensors

Step 2 – Place the magnet sticker on your brake handle and stick the magnet on the sticker 

Place the small strip of 3M tape onto the magnet and stick the magnet in a suitable location on the brakes. 

Step 3 – Stick the adhesive tape on the back of the brake sensors and stick the brake sensors on the brakes

The brake sensors & magnets should be placed right next to each other, with the magnet on the inner edge of the brake lever.

If not adhesive tape, you may use zip ties to secure the brake sensors. 

Step 4 – Switch on the kit and test the brake sensor

When the kit is fully connected and switched on, the brake sensors will show a red light. When pulling the brakes, the brake sensors' lights will turn blue as the sensor is right next to the magnet.

You may also use zip ties to secure the brake sensors.

IMPORTANT: The brake sensors are switched off on the CYC Ride Control app by default. You will need to enable the brake sensors on the app. You can find this setting in the app's Peripheral Setup settings page. 

Step 4 – Repeat these steps for the brake sensor on the other brake lever test it

Note that both magnets need to be positioned correctly for the LED to change. If only a 1x sensor is set up, the sensors will not be activated.  

Please contact us or your authorized reseller if further assistance is needed.