EBMX Rear Shock with V2 upgraded Linkage and Triangle


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So, you've tried every mountain bike shock under the sun and they just aren't cutting it, why is that? 

Our EBMX / YSS colabertion shock has been tuned specifically for the SurRon Light Bee kinematics by the best in the business "Suspension Syndicate" in Australia 

The fact is, it's all in the oil..... the physical size of a shock and how much oil it holds matters! As soon as things get hot, oil changes viscosity and cavitation occurs, this has a dramatic effect on both compression and rebound. 

The bigger the shock the better the performance, especially if you ride hard for long periods, but quality dampening and spring rates matter too, that's why we went to the people at YSS. With EBMX driving the requirements we believe YSS have developed the best performing shock you can match to your SurRon Light Bee.

Key Product Info: EBMX YSS Custom Shock


Stock Rear Shock: 1.120kg

EBMX Custom Rear Shock: 2.105kg

Eye to Eye Length

Stock Rear Shock: 267mm

EBMX Rear Shock: 277mm

Stroke Length

Stock Rear Shock: 89mm

EBMX Rear Shock: 67mm

Wheel Travel

Stock Rear Shock/Stock Swingarm: 200mm

EBMX Rear Shock/Stock Swingarm: 205mm

EBMX Rear Shock/EBMX Swingarm: 220mm

Other Key Features:

  • High speed and low speed compression damping.
  • Rebound adjustment clicker.
  • Multiple spring weight options (see table below)
  • Designed for a motorbike, not a mountain bike.
  • Huge oil reservoir keeps the shock cool even under hard riding
  • 30mm rise to correct mixed wheel sizing (21/18 wheelsets etc.) 
  • Increased leverage ratio for more bottom out support
  • Extremely strong and good for jumping

Key Product Info: EBMX Custom Rear Linkage and Triangle for Custom Shock Only

Included with all EBMX Custom Shocks purchased.

The EBMX shock is longer than the OEM shock and is not the same size eye to eye. This custom Rear Linkage and Triangle is set up to bring the EBMX shock in line with the travel of the stock shock, while reinforcing the structure of your bike. Works very well with the upgraded EBMX Swing arm, remember to check the table below for spring weight if using the EBMX swing arm as there is more leverage with the longer swingarm.

EBMX Shock Spring Sizing Chart

This table is to be used for determining the correct spring rate for riders using the EBMX rear shock, linkage and triangle. There are two different configurations depending on if you are using the stock swing arm or the EBMX extended Swing arm.

When using the stock swing arm, EBMX shock, EBMX linkage and triangle the rear wheel travel is 205mm.

When using the EBMX extended swing arm with EBMX shock, EBMX linkage and triangle the rear wheel travel is 220mm.


Rider Weight

Swing Arm

Suggested Spring Weight (N/mm)










Over 95kg












Over 85kg



Spring weight suggestions above are based on trail riding not extreme riding or jumping. If you plan to ride trails with large drops or do large jumps, please up size by 1 or 2 spring weights.