EBMX are a group of passionate riders and engineers, dedicated to the E-Moto world. From controllers, motors, batteries, and mechanical parts we are constantly striving for the best.

Rider focused – We are riders first, then engineers; We understand how that first twist of the throttle should feel, the power you really need and that feeling through the air as you rev the motor before a landing. Fueled with a passion to make electric motos move, feel, and perform better than anything we’ve ridden before…. We are EBMX.


Established in 2018 as a start-up business located Australia, with our hands on approach and forward thinking in the E-Moto world, we quickly became a global business.

In 2023 EBMX merged with CYC Group, bringing manufacturing in-house creating a new and improved EBMX. 

Now with offices located in Hong Kong, China and Australia we truly are EBMX Global! 

Having a team of riders who have complete control of firmware, product design and manufacturing in-house is a game changer for the industry; We are excited to see what the future holds as we keep pushing EBMX to new heights.