3D Print File X-9000 Talaria Sting Shroud


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    Order the file here to 3D Print your own EBMX X-9000 Shroud for the Talaria Sting. 

    A lot of time an effort has been invested into this design, please only use once and do not share. We have kept the price low so this is accessible for everyone. 

    If you do not have access to a 3D printer we expect you will be able to buy these from your local EBMX Dealer in the future.

    Files included:






    This shroud is designed to be able to replace the nylon bushings provided with the base mounting kit for the X-9000 on the Talaria Sting. Spacers are built into the shroud.

    The recommended hardware to be used with the controller kit is shown below. Depending on your print settings and filament used, the plastic beneath the mounting bolts should be able to withstand a decent amount of compressive force before cracking; however, please avoid over tightening the mounting bolts where possible. We recommend installing the socket head cap screws with Loctite (low-medium strength Loctite) to prevent loosening.

    If you wish to use an aluminum spacer in your print rather than clamping down on the filament, alternative files with the prefix “SPACER” can be used. The aluminum spacer designed to be used has the following dimensions and can be bought on Amazon here. Four aluminum spacers are required per controller.

     Inner Diameter 6.2mm

    Outer Diameter 15mm

    Thickness 3.5mm

    We have tested and printed on our printer (Bambu Lab X1C) with the following filaments: PLA, PLA-CF and PETG. We recommend printing with supports at a 0.2mm layer height.  

    Minimum required bed space: 190mm x 190mm. For best finish and minimal support, align the plate with the edge parallel to the X-9000's heat sink .



    Recommended Hardware



    M6 Aluminium Spacer

    Optional only use if printing the spacer version


    M6x12 socket head cap screw

    Low profile DIN7984 recommended